Friday, November 21, 2008


was the gift to me!

I just opened the door to find a large Express Post box awaiting me (I'd wondered why the dogs were barking insanely at the door whilst I was in the shower, and presumed there was an ax-wielding maniac in the house. This was a much nicer surprise).
It was addressed to me, from a lady called Corinne. Corinne? I don't know any Corinne's.
As I tore open the packaging thinking all sorts of thoughts about Anthrax and wondering who I'd pissed off lately, I was curious as to who it might be from - and then I saw the gorgeous card from Chicken, which held my attention for about 3 seconds before I realized there was a box of my favorite truffles next to it. The Mango & Raspberry are first on my hit list.
Now I feel like massive cow for being abusing Chicken when he stood me up.

(And even more of a bitch when I considered calling the Chocolate Box to tell whoever wrote the card 'truly' doesn't have an e in it).

Alright. All is forgiven Hen.
I'm such a pushover.

On a side note...I wonder if this Corinne had all sorts of interesting thoughts as to why Chicken was 'truly sorry' - rampant affair with the pool boy, maybe?

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