Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wanna see something gross?

I don't have much luck with my feet. Y'all recall when the spider ate my toenails?

This is almost as painful. Almost.

I wore new shoes Thursday night. I told you those things were evil.

The blisters got infected. That, in turn, made the bone go funny in my right foot, and as a result, I HAVE KANKLES.

I am repulsive. Hideous. DEFORMED. Worse than that - I'm not allowed to wear shoes for 10 days. 10 Days! It's winter! And I just got 7 new pairs this week. Feel sorry for me. I beg you.

Damn ballet flats truly are the root of all evil.

1 comment:

Prin said...

omg! They make my blisters seem like regular skin. Geez.

I'd feel your pain, but I really don't want to. :D

I hope you heal quickly...

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