Sunday, June 22, 2008

Booty Camp.

I want to look like this, without having to wear the shirt.
So I've taken action. Yesterday was the first day of my health and fitness Booty Camp, and so far, so good. Chef has manifested himself into some sort of Slave Driver, and made me do all sorts of things involving stretching, push ups and lifting weights. And, although I swore it was something I would never do in public unless it involved large groups of people, a megaphone and a trophy at the end, I even did a little jogging. Gasp! And gasp I did. I'm fairly sure I actually burnt a hole in my lung.

The 'health' part hasn't been so easy. I was doing extremely well for around 6 hours, then accidentally consumed two cupcakes, 4 Malteesers and a glass of Apple vodka whilst Chef wasn't watching, so I was proud of myself for only eating fruit for dinner.

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