Saturday, June 28, 2008

Warning: It's Big

So, news...

Momentarily after this photo, the entire sign fell down and broke into two seperate pieces. We were mortified, to say the least.

* I had a fabulous time frolicking in Gold Class splendour watching Sex and the City. At last! I laughed, and scarily, I very nearly cried. I love Samantha.

Getting in the swing of things with a Cosmopolitan. Ahhh...

* I saw my specialist at the Royal Childrens Hospital on Thursday, and apparently the cause of my recent dizzy spells is my low levels of salt. Salt!
So I'm to drink a litre of Gatorade a day. Gatorade! I detest the stuff.

Yes, my scones are in the shape of hearts. I don't get out a lot.

* When I PMS, other than be an evil, moody cow from hell, I crave chocolate.
This seems to be fairly normal. Until I mention the other part. I crave chocolate and cheese. Together. So today, to curb my satanic mood swings, I made cheese scones. And then entirely covered them in chocolate sauce. Yum.

Rachel and I admire our fabulous shoes during the trailors before S&TC.

* I'm totally, 100% abso-freaking-lutely in love with tracks 3 & 11 from Ta-Dah, by Scissor Sisters. In LOVE, I tells ya.
Now playing: Scissor Sisters - I Can't Decide
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* Phoenix has taught himself how to open doors. I knew he had the knack, but didn't think he'd do it to get in/out - he usually just opens the bedroom door so he can snuggle in my bed. Because both the back door and side door are spring-loaded doors, he can jump up and hit the handle and they spring open to let him either in or out. As a result, on Wednesday he let himself in from the back garden, and as a result Princess (Cleo's sister) got out, and turned up at the RSPCA nearby. I drove straight there to bust her ass out, and was informed of the huge fee to do so. As I have been trying to rehome her myself, I decided after a while to let them try and find her a loving home, and if they can't, I'll bring her home, as I can't bear the thought of her being put down. I'll also soon be patenting a device to stop him picking and choosing when he wants in. I think it's called something like a lock...

A lamp much like the ones at an amazing little bar I was taken to on Thursday night, which I found utterly fascinating. (The lamps, I mean).

* I did the Taxman vs the Puppy Promo for RSPCA yesterday, and got to spend a couple of hours with one of my favorite girls from the RSPCA, who is the only other person I've met to share my full name. We took in a beautiful Boxer pup, Lily, to get some attention, and attention she did. As I worked my magic with the lunch time crowd of Melbourne's CBD, as I do every time I do a promo, I mentioned how dearly I wish to devote my entire life to the love of it - the RSPCA. As a result...I'm updating my CV to a tailor made job as an Animal Attendant starting soon. I fear the only word to describe my sheer joy is... EEEK! followed promptly by much wiggling and jumping around in an excited fashion.


Anonymous said...

If there is such a huge fee to get an animal back after such a short time isn't that going to ensure that lots of people lose pets that are much loved members of their family just because they haven't got much money?

If you intend to do anything to support animal welfare then two things would make a huge difference.

First get the RSPCA to waive such fees if it means that people will lose their pets - remember that not all are rehomed by the RSPCA, some die.

Second set up a scheme so that the animals of pensioners and poor people get free veterinary treatment.

Melisa said...

OMG, I just made chocolate chip muffins today: IN HEART SHAPE!!! Crazy! ;)

me & them said...

Anon: I wasn't impressed, either, but I can see both sides. The RSPCA automatically charges the price as a deterrent to stop people letting their pets roam free, and as I live in a 'Cat Curfew' area, cats are not allowed out at night time etc, and thus are picked up by Rangers. I can understand that side of it. As the majority of cats do get put down, it makes sense to have a cat curfew (and to stop them killing wildlife etc) in order for owners to know where they are at all times, and hopefully not let them breed like rabbits like a lot of the general public feel is their right. This is where compulsory desexing needs to be looked at in more depth.

As for the free veterinary treatment - yep, that would be super. But what vet will stop charging the ridiculous amounts they do to set up for free? The Government sure as hell wont support it or give it funding, and as the RSPCA runs on only 4% of government funding of their $13 mil cost for a single shelter a year, they're not in a position to be doing it, either.

And as for 'intending' to support animal welfare...I devote my life to doing just that, but obviously my contribution isn't large enough to change the lack of funding to such organizations as the RSPCA and other welfare leagues as I would like to, to enable them to lower there costs to the public.

Still, I'll keep on battlin'...

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