Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten for Tuesday.

I just stumbled across a link for Ten on Tuesday, a meme that happens, funnily enough, on a Tuesday. It's pretty self explanatory, and I'm in the mood for rambling. But, to mix it up a little...I'm gonna take two questions from five different sets, simply because. Feel free to do the same :)

2 Superstitions, Traditions or Personality Quirks:

* I have to stir things when I'm cooking, I constantly and rhythmically go around the pot with a wooden spoon. Living with a Chef, it's like a cardinal sin, yet I can't stop - I find it strangely therapeutic.

* I could prattle on about having to walk on the left hand side of someone, always putting my left shoe on first, not eating cheese after 9pm so I don't get nightmares - but let's face it, I just sound OCD. I think one of my most endearing qualities involves having to shake, squeeze, rattle and touch every Christmas and birthday present I receive, and beg for clues months in advance. I get deeply traumatized by it, not knowing what's inside (and my mother takes full advantage of this, and writes out in depth cryptic clues on each parcel, just to tease me further), but I love the excitement.

2 Things You Love About Life:

* My kids at the beach. I still get a massive thrill running down the ti-tree path and rolling down the sand dunes that lead to my favorite beach, and having two laughing dogs who agree with me is just the best feeling. Rain, hail or shine, I crave the sound of waves and salty air to know I'm really home.

* Waking up to sunshine on a Winter day. Nothing beats a crisp morning with the promise of Summer soon to come to get me out of bed.

2 Things to do Before You Get Married:

* There's pretty much just the one here. Find the Right Guy.

*...although learning to love myself and being happy knowing I can survive on my own wouldn't go astray, either.

2 Things You're Looking Forward to in Spring:

* Taking off my clothes. And by that, I mean Winter is so cumbersome - I can't get comfy because I've got 6 layers on and can't bend/sit like a normal person, and I'm sick of looking like the Michelan Man when I take the dogs walking.

* Jet skiing and surfing. Eeeeek! I can hardly wait.

2 Best Moments of the Last Year:

* Meeting Seah (and Tezz, and Bruza and Mac and the three cats, and her family and friends..). It has been beyond wonderful to get to know someone as passionate as I am about the same things, and to have someone like her to look up to. I've had some awesome times with her, and with all of our combined children. It's been total blast.

* Christmas. I know, I know, I'm like a small child when it comes to the festive season. But this past Christmas was great. I got to spend time with the people I love, with no commitments or anywhere to rush to. I got to camp, to spend hours meandering along the beach, to have my dogs run free and to surf, sunbake simply sit and relax. Playing horse racing games and betting with my Nan and setting up a Badminton court with my brother were definitely highlights. And best of all...presents, of course!

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Kat said...

That is a wonderful meme and it is great to learn some more about you. That stirring things while cooking thing sounds strangely familiar :)

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