Tuesday, December 18, 2007

kitty + coffee = amusement.

Yes yes. I know I've been banging on about the kitten. But seriously, this is adorable.

She just drank my coffee.
(note the spray bottle next to the table. And my deformed leg.)

Other than this, I haven't a lot of news. I'm not venturing too far from the house due to the state of my stomach and it's inability to hold food right now, so I've been busy with a spray bottle attacking the kitten every time she attempts eating my Christmas tree/breast/Mac wiring. I mistakenly watched Chef do something strange with a fish last night, which involved removing it's head etc, and of course that soon removed the contents of my belly. I have no class. Tomorrow is pay day (hurrah!) and so I will be finishing off the last of my Christmas shopping. Well, I'll be starting it, to be perfectly honest. I'm not very organized this year.

P.S As I was typing, she dozed off next to me, cuddling a Christmas bauble. Let's all say 'awww' and have done with it. No more, I promise.

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