Thursday, September 27, 2007


How careless of me to forget it's school holidays.
I took myself off for a spot of retail therapy this afternoon, and after being trod on, run into and generally smacked around by small children emitting ear screaming noises, I was in dire need of an extra dry venti caramel macchiato. I inhaled that sweet foam like there was no tomorrow, and enjoyed a spot of road rage on the way home to ease my frustration.

When I got home and happily unwrapped my new purchase, a gorgeous Sportsgirl grey merle dress, I thought I would find a photo on eBay of one to post - alas, none. But I did find something rather startling. The size 'Small' on eBay in Sportsgirl is listed as a size TWELVE.
Usually, I am so excited by anything I fit into in a small I sprout a rosy glow and wear it with pride, thinking I've poured myself into an 8-10. I even took an array of XXS and XS in the changing room, but they were all extremely see through or made me look 5 months sperminated. (I don't cope well with A line in this seasons smock style dresses unless wearing a wrap-around belt and a bolero to cinch in and give the illusion of having breasts).

Ya know, I blame that sales assistant. When asking how tight the dresses should be worn, she replied "oh...loose, but fitted, you know? Like, baggy, but still tight".


Still, even if she has wrecked my illusion of being super stylish in my tent dress, my hair looked really cute in those two way mirrors today. Something to be thankful for, at least.

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