Saturday, September 15, 2007

'What I Wore Today'

Having browsed several blogs this morning whilst trying to get some brain function happening after several vodkas last night, I found it amusing to compare my own life to others. If I were to do my very own 'What I Wore Today' style blog, complete with photos of my outfit that day, I think I would soon have the Fashion Police knocking at my door, or at least more blog views by people wanting to see the hilariousity of my daily attire.
But it wouldn't be as simple as taking a happy snap of my clothing that day - I generally change minimum of 4 to 5 times daily. I wake up (read: fall inelegantly from my bed) and stagger to the shower, and contemplate exactly what I will wear for the first part of my morning. And my choices don't fall under heel height, contrasting colours or matching accessories. It's what the hell will keep me warm in a windy paddock as I remove eye snot from the horses face. Which manky old jeans will best handle the medicated shampoo being splattered all over them, and which riding gloves have the least holes in them. When I return, it's another shower (sorry, Melbourne water supply!) and into workout gear, my baking apron, or the dreaded possibility of what I will wear to see my mother. Out go the short shorts, heels and tank top, to be replaced by anything that isn't remotely revealing, and hides my 'swimmers shoulders', 'love handles' and general 'big girl attributes', as I am constantly being reminded of when in my mothers presence. Hell, last week when I was in Guess and drooling over a pair of jeans, I was informed I would never be able to squeeze myself into a size 8. (I think that's a US 2?) On principle, I grabbed a size 7 and poured myself into them with a lot of strange contortions and wiggling. I mean, I'd never be able to sit down for fear of my entire arse falling out, but I GOT INTO THEM. Victory is sweet.

Having said that, I LOVE getting dressed up, even with no place to go. All my recent eBay purchases have been fab, glittery items just begging to be accompanied by some heels and worn to a glitzy cocktail bar. But my favorite of all...the Mastercard Heels! Ya know, the ad with the tornado, and the girl shopping online, whilst her dog flies around in the air..? I wore them for the first time the other night, and aside from crippling me and leaving gaping holes, they were utterly adorable. So I will post a photo of my 'What I Want to Wear When I Am Not Slobbing Around a Paddock' as opposed to "What I Wore Today", and maybe one day, when I have a 'real' job, I might be able to actually wear them :)

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kimberlie said...

haha, i have noticed those shoes on the Mastercard ad. how fuuny!

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