Friday, September 28, 2007

'three for free'

I read an article about how to be a more positive person, and in turn do nice things for people and end your days with a positive impact. When Chef went to his friends' wedding on Monday, apparently the nicest thing he heard was the father of the bride saying "You know a couple is doing well when they never go to bed mad with each other, no matter how bad their day has been". I think that's super sweet, and falls in with the whole thing Oprah's got going on, 'Live Your Best Life'. And it kinda made me wonder - such small things make me smile, or really make my day and restore a little faith in humanity. Whether it's someone letting me cut the cue at the checkout because I only have a tin of pineapple, or someone passes me their train ticket at the end of their day so I don't have to fork out cash for my own, or even down to someone taking the time to say what a nice day it is out on a walk.
So without further ado or babbling, I will be adding my own 3 things each day. And heck, maybe someone will even get a smile out of them, and thus doing something nice for someone else :)1. Waking up to a back rub and a nice warm cuddle from my man after a sleepless night of bad dreams and thunderstorms.

2. Trudging through slippery, muddy paddocks with rain dripping down my back and my hair in rats tails in my eyeballs, feeding out the hay in gale force wind (which mostly ended up down my bra) and knowing there's no where else I'd rather be when I feel a velvet muzzle snuffling my neck in thanks.

3. The reception I get when I come home to my dogs (and realizing they havn't destroyed a single item of my bathroom). Ahh, unconditional love.

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