Sunday, September 9, 2007

'been there, done that...'

Sahara has been waking me up super early lately, and yesterday was no exception, so i decided to put it to good use, and I lost my muffin virginity. Yes, that is correct - I date a chef, enjoy anything packed full of sugar, yet had never made a muffin in my life. For some reason, the chocolate ones made triple the amount of batter the orange and poppyseed muffins made (so I had to make sure they were alright, and do a little taste test of the batter. The dogs couldn't have licked that bowl cleaner). Other than being a little gooey and the fact they were cupcake size due to lack of muffin tin (I'm not a 'planning ahead' type of person when it comes to baking) they were pretty darn... not bad.

In the afternoon I headed down to Mt Eliza and took the dogs for a puppy play date, and was on my way to the drive in when Phoenix started vomiting profusely.
Today has been spent in a flurry of rearranging, I have such itchy feet to move soon I decided to move all the furniture in my lounge room and pretend I live somewhere new and exciting. I'm preparing to spend another afternoon at the beach with the dogs, and continue crunching my stomach in alarming ways and doing such absurd things as 'reverse crunches' which involve me on my stomach on a table, and 'ladies push ups' which are just damn difficult.

My core strength apparently matches my self control when it comes to buying inappropriate dresses on eBay - little to none.

Onto something completely different - I am totally in love with the new Nickleback song, as featured on Karyn's website.
It reminds me of singing along to Animals very loudly in the car last Summer, which in turns makes me wonder what this year will have in store. Last Summer was all about puppies, blue contact lenses, discovering Johnnie Walker and making a food of myself in public, and wearing my first bikini in public. Nothing can compare to the year before, and falling in love with Chef, flying off to England on my own for 5 weeks and leaving home for a share house in the city when I returned, and learning to become independent. And of course discovering Brunetti's and Lygon St in general, and spending lazy days at St Kilda.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment. I was wondering how you stumbled on my blog. I see it is through Karyn and a love of "Rockstar". I enjoyed your posts on your other blog with your dogs. I have a golden retriever that I rescued, as well as 4 cats. Sometimes rabbits get into the back yard and she loves to go out and chase them!

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