Tuesday, September 18, 2007


When I returned from my morning ponying around, I was just stretching out for a luxurious sunbake on the deck, and Chef came home and presented me with a large bunch of beautiful flowers, and declared he needed a suntan, and asked whether I had any oil handy. Um.

What the? Usually I am rushed off the beach after he's gotten a few drops of salt water on him as he apparently doesn't have the inbuilt ability to do nothing whilst laying in the sun like I do, and as for oil, he normally wrinkles his nose and whinges about staining his undies.

Still, I'm not complaining. I'm more than happy to sit and praise the Sun Lord all afternoon (and try and ignore the fact I still haven't made it to my appointment to get my cancerous moles removed), it's just a little odd receiving Gerberas. I'm used to getting cake when he's feeling guilty, and the amount of strawberries and whipped cream directly related to how naughty he had been.

Randomly: I am totally in love with this dress. Normally I hate a) dresses and b) dresses that are yellow, but this just does something to my insides. Speaking of things I detest, on my marathon shopping expedition yesterday, I came across a pair of totally adorable... shoes. Yes, yes, this is a fairly common comment from me. The disturbing part is, they have laces. You see, I generally live in anything with a 4inch or higher heel, or flip flops. I don't have a lot of in between, and even my 'jogging' shoes (note: read earlier posts to get an idea of my 'jogging') have to be emblazoned with Puma, or have metallic stripes on them to match my earrings. So I was a little suprised I fell in love with these - so surprised, I didn't buy them. But I assure you, through eBay, I WILL HAVE THEM.

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DCW said...

that dress is slammn' and yeah i got your back on all the chef nonsense. they can be a nightmare, but most of the time they're a dream.

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