Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Introducing... Basildon.

I am a little worried about my ratty, Basil. When I picked him up to come for a romp around the bathroom whilst I had my shower this morning, he felt very thinny. He still rattles his bars and begs for food as usual, but I guess he's getting on a bit now, when I purchased him from a dodgy pet shop he was fully grown already. And called Beige. Ugh.
I got him at a time I wasn't allowed pets in my share house, although there were 3 stinky, horrible feral cats roaming around the house shitting in our bath and eating the couch.

If he were a person, I think he would wear dapper Armani suits, be a bit of a man whore, have beautiful penmanship and have a knack for flower arranging. As you can see, he adores Stargazer pink oriental lilies as much as I do.

* * *

Disclaimer: Rats are actually very clean animals, they don't smell if kept correctly, and aren't parasite infested critters like many believe. He also eats a lot healthier than I do. So don't go hating on him!

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