Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I keep dreaming of New York. I wake up, groggily still thinking about seeing the Maple Leaf's play. I find myself staring at walls, imaging the Chicago sky line. I have a thing about sky lines at night.
It seems every book I read; every movie I watch and people I speak to all lead back to America. And it gets me thoroughly over excited.

I want to stand in the shafts of light at Grand Central Station. To ride a swan boat in Boston, and walk the Freedom Trail. I want to roll in snow in Toronto and run through the leaves in Autumn, sit on Carrie's doorstep and ice skate at night in Central Park. I want to have that dizzying feeling of adventure only knowing you're traveling overseas can bring (minus the hysteria, vomiting and panic attacks that comes with actually boarding a plane).

I realized I don't know a whole lot about the places I want to go. I've somewhat compiled a list of the Must See places, and they basically revolve around chick flick locations and the posters on Alex's wall.

I want to see real desert, ride a horse through real mountains, have a bit of a What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas weekend, and star watch in LA, but again, I'm reverting to what I imagine, not what I know.

So I'm calling for all sorts of suggestions of places you love, and things you would recommend to a naive Aussie hitting the US, or anywhere around the world for that matter. I've got itchy feet to get back to the UK ASAP, and to see where my mother lived in Mykanos, Greece and all the amazing sights France and Italy have to offer.


Prin said...

I think it doesn't matter where you want to go or why so much as that you want to go at all...

Dreams are good. :)

Kat said...

Dreams are good indeed! I did a fair amount of travelling when I was still working for an airline and there's quite a few places that I haven't been to that I want to see and then of course there's the places that I have been to that I long to see again....If only we had enough time and ´money to make it all happen....in the meantime we can still dream about it.

Susie said...

Come to Boston and we can go on the swan boats and walk the freedom trail and shop on Newbury St. and eat lots of cupcakes! Seriously!

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