Monday, April 7, 2008

No! I said SEVEN eight two, you robotic moron!

I'm having to deal with some truly crap customer service today. I've had a list of things that needed to be dealt with, and true to form, I've put them off til the last minute. So while I'm on hold for the next 35 minutes (and intermittently swearing at the robotic machine lady who asks for my details repeatedly and never understands a word I say) I will eat a massive bowl of Fruity Bix, do a quick post and completely forget everything it is I am calling about.

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous, and the first nice weather I've seen for about a week, so I packed the dogs in the car and went on a nice road trip to Mums, and of course to the beach. Other than nearly losing my ears to frost bite, it was divine. The dogs had a ball, and didn't manage to roll in anything too revolting, which was handy after their hours of grooming for the day before (see why here).
I (again) had a discrepancy with my new 'healthy eating' diet, and wolfed down several batches of home made fries for dinner, while Mum and I watched dodgy Robbie Williams videos. Ahh, I love going home. It's so nice to have a mother who truly appreciates crap music videos from my childhood in England as much as I do.

I am also happy to report I found several links to trail rides along the beach left on my mac this morning, so I'm hoping I'll be whisked off for a 'secret' horse ride very soon :)

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