Thursday, April 24, 2008

Mint, Medieval-ness and Mum.

Today I am off for an adventure! I'm meeting my Mum in the city and taking her to see the Medieval Transcripts showing at the State Library. (We were going to go last week for her birthday, but were feeling somewhat lazy so consumed gluten free fish and chips by the seaside, sunbaked, people watched, and did some retail therapy. A fine, fine day.)
It's a bit of a trek from my new home - buses, trains etc - and not on a particularly 'pleasant' line. Therefore I have unearthed my personal security device (kindly given to me by my mother the day I moved out of home)which screams like a banshee when unpinned, a sharp nail file and a can of deoderant. It's not quite Mace, but I'll have a go nonetheless.

On another note altogether, I watched Juno last week. Well, about half of it. And loved it. I've just got myself a copy, and am looking forward to making it home on the train in one piece tonight and re-watching it, from start to finish.

...and randomly, there's a tiny topless pineapple behind me, of a 'new breed', and it smells heavenly. I'm considering making myself horribly late, and hacking it up and covering it in minted sugar. Drool. It's also obscenely tasty with vanilla sugar, and seeing as I've callously murdered my mint plant, I shall have to serve it up for brekkie with that today, instead.

No, I didn't know you could kill a noxious weed like mint, either.


Kat said...

Oh I loved 'Juno'. One of the best movies I have seen in recent times.

Minted sugar huh? I gotta try that. It sounds delicious.

Melisa said...

I think I'm the only one in the world who hasn't seen "Juno". I know it's supposed to be good, and in fact Diablo Cody (screenwriter) went to the private Catholic school in the next town over from me, but the premise of the movie annoys me. But probably only because I'm the mom of teenaged boys and I also have a friend down the street whose daughter had a baby last July at the age of 16. Ugh.

But minted sugar? I'd be all over that!

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