Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Tezz! Yes, hello!

My phone is having issues, and I can't get in contact with Sarah - every time I call from the home phone she's engaged (haha! Of course she's engaged. To you! I mean I get some pompous twat telling me she's on another call) - and I have some OUTSTANDING NEWS that I MUST tell her, or else I'll pop - could you possibly hop on the phone RIGHT NOW and tell her emPAWrium - the pet collar company I found at All Creatures Day - are featuring Phoenix & Sahara as their pets of the month - AND ARE CREATING A NEW LINE OF COLLARS AND NAMING THEM AFTER PHOENIX AND SAHARA! They are launching them at the Million Paws Walk!

*spontaneously combusts with excitement*

Everyone else - please ignore this post.


Tezz said...

Have done,

I am sure she will call you at some stage, but now you know how hard it is to call, I have the same problem all the time, so it makes it a bit hard when i am trying to call and say i need to be picked up from the station at a certain time so i am not stuck there in the rain, any way that is fantastic news about the pups, i read about it on the other blog.

Tezz said...

also there is only 1 R in Terence


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