Thursday, April 10, 2008

before I go sleepy byes...

Parting with Tiny Kitten was so hard. Yes, she's clearly posessed by the devil, and no, my curtains will never be the same, but I kinda got used to her using the hallway as a Nascar track and my undies are her play things. Even harder to be told she's most likely going to be euthanized today. I told them to call me immediately, and I will go pick her up and bring her straight home if they think her rattly chest is non-appealing to the kitty-wanting public. Dying on the operating table or not being fit enough adoption, my arse.

I'll wait and see.

On a positive note, I had the joy of TGI Friday's with Sarah - dear, sweet Potato Twister-y goodness. I think I may need to roll myself off to bed, I'm so full. *salivates just thinking about it*
It was a good catch up, made better by my all time favorite food group, starch.

Night night :)

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