Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Excerpt from my Christmas List

Cameron made the foolish mistake of asking for an in depth installment of my current Christmas List, but only managed to peruse it once he made it home from his meeting. As he sat himself down with his iPhone, I could hear much laughter and derisive snorting, and I calmly asked him what was so amusing. He asked me to read the second item as listed under "Girly Stuff":

- Pleasure State lingerie - Size: (insert hideously large size here) bra (do NOT mention this to ANYONE. It is a genetic fault I have the shoulders and back size of an Asian swimmer on steroids, and if you speak of this size to ANY sales person, they will automatically assume I am a large, beached form of aquatic mammalia unless you stipulate otherwise) and size (insert much, much smaller size here, but which would still look ginormous to American viewers on their strange 0-2 size scale) knickers.

He then went on to ask me how he was going to manage to get item 3 on the 'Horsey Stuff' section -

- 2 X White saddle blankets, Mr Darcy & Altibo Bay embroidered on left side in royal blue with gold binding -

to which I replied I had taken the liberty of emailing a local embroidery firm with my details and request and they would shortly be getting back to him with regards to a quote.

I don't think he realized how serious this Christmas thing is to me.

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