Monday, December 14, 2009


After making it through the weekend of Cam's family Christmas alive and mostly intact (and having been compensated handsomely for my house-wifely duties with a Louis Vuitton scarf, Chanel purse and a large plant) I have absolutely nothing in the way stopping me from being all out, gosh darn, truly completely and overly excited about the next two weeks. Oh, except the whole being away from Cam for the week of Christmas thing. Still, we have so many things to look forward to before he flies out, and as excruciatingly painful as it was the last time we were apart for so long, I know we'll both be having a great time with our families as well.

The first thing on my Yay! list?

I'm flying to Sydney on Thursday to stay in the gorrrrgeous hotel Cam has for his work trip. He'll be working most of the time, which is why it's so handy my best girl Sarah is coming with me! I've never been to Sydney - the hotel is actually UNDER the Harbour Bridge (see pic!) There will be much exploration, shopping, wining and dining, and general tourist-y activities, as well as a dinner with another of my all time favorite people, Cam's work mate Bolge. I've already started packing - one can't have enough pairs of shoes for a single night trip, right?

Next comes Saturday. Cam and I wanted to do something a bit special for a number of reasons; a delayed anniversary, our last weekend together, an early Christmas treat for Sarah and I as we'll be apart for Christmas, too, and a generally magic night out. I've wanted to go to the Moonlight Cinema for a long time, and Cam found a screening of something I'm apparently going to love (I'm being a good girl and not googling what it is!) and as well as our plans to enjoy dinner on the Restaurant Tram - something else I've always wanted to do - we're going to take a picnic hamper along with our blanket to watch the movie, and maybe have a little champage and some nibblies under the moonlight.

The next day, I have a few plans of my own up my sleeve, and the only chance we'll have to attend any Christmas carols together happens to take place at one of our all time favorite places, The Bridge. We spent many nights there together last Summer, watching the sun set over the ocean and eating ourselves silly, so I'm very excited the carols will be sung out the front! I LOVE Christmas carols (as evidenced by the 5 Christmas CD mixes I currently have in my car, plus three more inside...) and I thought it would be nice to drag Cam along with me.

After that, I plan on heading down to my Mums for the week of Christmas, complete with my tent, dogs, cats and presents. I'm going to camp again this year, as it affords me a little more privacy than in the house, and it feels a bit like a mini-holiday of my own out all alone in the backyard with just the dogs and a torch for company. Cam will fly out Christmas Eve morning, so we'll be having another mini-Christmas on Christmas Eve Eve. After that, it'll be days and days of spending time chilling with my Mum, Nan and brother, walking the dogs along the beach and ripping open all my extremely-funny shaped presents (I've already been squeezing them and reading the cryptic clues...and I've got no idea what I'm getting, except for the giant case for my trip to Borneo!). It's going to be fantastic :)

(and further forward on the Yay! list - after a New Years Eve with my 4 favorite people, cruising along the river watching fireworks and drinking champers, Cam and I have a week together relaxing before we fly off to Kuala Lumpur and the jungle of Borneo! Yay!)

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