Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jungle Green Theme

As I made my way towards the computer to post a blog about my deep-seated and unnatural love for all things Survivor (the new Samoa series is on! Could my mother and I be more excited? I think not!) I noticed I had a new email from my lover boy, with the intriguing title "What to Wear". Naturally, I clicked on it in an excited manner and realized it wasn't for a snazzy date night later in the week, but in fact, guidelines from his company on what sort of smart casual attire one will be expected to wear when we fly off to Borneo in January. Obviously, I had no intention of pouring my bikini'd body into anything other than the occasional sarong (or an all over coating of Aloe Vera soothing gel...) but then a little something caught my eye on the evening of the 10th...JUNGLE GREEN THEME! *does her happy dance*

Honestly, if I weren't so addicted to shopping and had visions of finding a perfectly delightful floaty dress in shades of green, I'd whip out this oldy but goody and go the whole hog.

I wonder if face paint will be acceptable?

(Note: I very nearly posted that whole photo. Very nearly. Then I realized I was all of 16 years old, and strongly resembled a chubby, pre-pubescent boy with hideous bowl haircut and crazy 4 chins. So, for your viewing pleasure, the edited version).

Edited: It just occurred to me... we're off to Africa next January - THINK of all the potential I'll have for re-creating all manner of Survivor: Africa moments!

Ahh... and Cam thought when we left Vanuatu unscathed by the Survivor: Vanuatu Museum it would all be over... *cackles evilly*

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