Thursday, December 3, 2009

Best of

I read through Pretty Random Thoughts this morning, and saw her post from Best Of 2009 Challenge, which then led me to that site to see what it was all about. Basically, it's a post for each day of December for a 'best of' moment that happened during the year of 2009, and seeing as each day is pre-organized and I do love a bit of help in the 'hmmm....what to blog about today' department, I'm planning on doing this little challenge myself (without, technically, participating in the 'challenge').

As I've missed the first two days, I'd better get cracking!

First of all, my Best Of: Trip 2009 -

Easy, peasy. That has to be Vanuatu! Cam and I flew over in January after knowing each other a little under two months, and had simply the most incredible time. Every day was packed with fun, beautiful locations, amazing new experiences like snorkeling with tropical fish, standing in the flow of waterfalls, feeding read live sea turtles and riding horses through the mountains and in the ocean. More than anything, the 'little' things made the trip so fantastic - holding each other and laughing as the hot rain poured down on us in the pool, eating fresh coconuts as we walked, hand in hand, from the waterfalls in the storm, and, of course, getting sloshed on frozen daquiris in the pool.

Best Of: Restaurant Moment -

This one is not so easy. The most 'memorable' was the day of my birthday; the night before Cam flew to America for 10 days. I say memorable because it's the first to come to mind, but it wasn't a happy night for me. The most incredible view would have to be at Sails, in Noosa (another favorite trip!) where we watched the sun set over the ocean in our own private oasis, or Brighton Sea Baths in September- the location of our first date! - which certainly signaled, for me, how far we'd come in our relationship. But I think the best would have to be the times I got to spend with my two favorite people, Sarah and Cam, and our many silly nights giggling and laughing out way into the evening at TGI Fridays, or Sunday morning breakfasts at our favorite cafe before planning the days activities.

Best Of: Article -

Worrying, nothing comes to mind. Absolutely nothing. There's nothing I've referenced significantly, there's nothing that particularly blew my mind away enough to share around the world. There's several that spring to mind involving unbelievable tales of survival and horrifying tales of destruction during the Black Saturday fires. It was a time that felt like a national depression, everyone knew someone who was affected, injured or killed, and the days and weeks after were a sad and scary time for everyone in Victoria. Even now, as we drive and see the effects of the fire, the bridges that simply disappeared and the sweep of trees with blackened trunks, it doesn't quite seem real, but the feeling of worry for what this year will bring is still at the back of peoples minds.

Tomorrow... Best Of: Book.

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