Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My girl...

...went to the vet today. She's done the impossible. Not only has she fully ruptured the same cruciate ligament twice, she's not torn the most important part of her joint, the meniscus. As a result, she's being referred to a doggy orthopedic surgeon, who will be able to perform the arthroscopic surgery to remove said meniscus.

I have written out three enormous blogs detailing exactly how distraught I am, and none can come close to describing it.

I am absolutely devastated.


Kat said...

Oh no, how'd she do that? The poor girl must be in agony times two and so must you.

I hope you two get through it ok. Keeping my fingers crossed over here.

Melisa with one S said...

Oh no! Bijoux tore her meniscus and we had to put her through surgery, but she hadn't obviously done the other stuff. I'm so sad!

But be strong. I'll be back later to read your other post (I've had almost no blog-reading time for a few days; it's killin' me!).

Hugs to you and your girl. I'll even attempt to get that e-mail I owe you out into cyberspace sometime today or tomorrow!


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