Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My blogs don't write themselves, damnit.

It feels like forever and a day since I last posted - mainly because I've hardly been home long enough to do so. Things are what might best be described as fucking unbearable tense at home, and thus, I am practically living in my car and at Cam's. I'm getting to the beyond desperate stage to finally move out; and have been busily searching online for any form of accommodation that might house myself and my children in any vaguely respectable areas. As such, I haven't had a great deal of luck.

In between that, re-doing my application for school (ah, I mentioned previously nothing runs smoothly, no? This is one I hope will be fixed today, so I can devote my time fully to the vast amounts of homework I shall receive from my Journalism class today) and experiencing some sort of nesting instinct in which I am cleaning out all the crap under my bed in preparation for said move; I've been having a great time.

Saturday morning found me awake at an ungodly hour, shoving myself unceremoniously into Cam's car (and managing to break the strap off my favorite dress in the process) and making our way ever closer to meet Cam's mother. I did my fair share of shaking in my boots at the prospect, which turned out to be completely unfounded as both her and her partner are absolutely lovely.

We had a late breakfast with them before Cam and I headed down The Great Ocean road; roof down, watching the sun sparkle and shine over the water while we sang along loudly and tonelessly to Benny & The Jets as we cruised. We stopped off at a gorgeous little pub overlooking Wye River, and had some lovely wine as we picked the winners for the days races. I do love me a man who plies me with alcohol at the beach and knows how to read a form guide.

We spent the evening on the deck in front of the pot bellied stove, watching a Sex & The City marathon, eating possibly the best curry I've ever had and smashing down a few more bottles of wine. Heaven, no?

After an early morning walk along the cliffs at Anglesea to have coffee in town, we again moved out on to the deck to enjoy breakfast in the sun and read the morning papers. A little while later, we became immersed in the live coverage of the Australia's Day Of Mourning concert, which was just heartbreaking. I haven't spoken to a single person that hasn't been affected by it in some way, directly or not - everyone knows someone who lost homes, friends or family, and the loss and devastation are still so real. It's been amazing how the community has come together; but there's still the feeling of hopelessness at not being able to help more. With the weather forecast to hit 38c later this week, there's still the threat the situation is only going to get worse.

Not long after the concert finished, we packed up and made our way home - taking the ferry from Queenscliff; another amazing experience to add to my list of things I've never before done. It was a gorgeous day, and we had a bit of fun choosing which enormous mansion we'd like best as we docked in Sorrento.

Luckily for me, Sarah was 'sick' on Monday, and we decided the best way to ease her 'headache' was a lovely paddle with the dogs at the foreshore in the morning. The new puppy, Ruby, had a bit of fun learning how to swim, and I was soon immersed in the water taking photos of her in the gorgeous morning sunshine. After we'd dried off slightly, we made our way to our favorite cafe and had chocolate milkshakes with our breakfast while we chatted the morning away. As time was ticking by, we decided to head to Petstock to get a correction chain for Ruby, and naturally got delayed by a few hours as we had fun playing dress ups with Phoenix and making a a list of things I plan on purchasing later this morning - most of which include toys and accessories for the finches bird cage, in a vain attempt to make them interested in anything other than sodomizing each other.

Last night, after an afternoon spent starting my quest to remove all surplus crap from my living quarters (and, inevitably, getting sidetracked looking at all the photos/letters and wondering why there were random screwdrivers and hot pink shoes I'd forgotten I'd ever purchased taking up residence under my bed), Sarah and I made a brief call to Cam's sisters house, to have a good look around and check the fencing would be adequate for the kids. I have every intention of putting in a rental application for it when they move into their new home, but am now slightly worried at the lack of storage space, and wondering where my shoe collection will live due to aforementioned lack of cupboards. Hmmm. We had planned to call in on the way to view a new dog training club we are interested in joining, and got slightly delayed playing with Cam's gorgeous niece - which turned out fine, as no one bothered to arrive to actually take the obedience class we were going to sit in on. Me thinks we'll be crossing that one off the list.

The busyness continues for the rest of this week - with a single night off to start my packing tomorrow night - as I have a celebratory night @ TGI's on Friday, a roadtrip home on Saturday with the kids and my man, and dog training followed by a BBQ with Cam's friends on Sunday. All I have to do is get through today...

This morning (after my little expedition to pick up the items I have on hold @ Petstock), I've got to hurriedly write a two page cover letter to my education provider, detailing exactly why they should choose to accept me (although, technically, they already have...), what classes I'd like to take (although, technically, I've already been going to them...) and why it is I think I shall excel in Professional Writing and Editing (although,, wait - this is the problematic one) before I mosey on down for my Journalism class. After school, I've been invited to Cam's sister's for dinner with them and his father, but before that Sahara has a return visit to the vet (she ain't gettin' no better, sigh) and Cleo is having her microchip implanted. I can potentially see myself arriving to dinner, sans limbs and bleeding from my remaining stumps as Cleo's not a huge fan of the vets. But, to be honest, she does look darling sitting in my handbag in the waiting room. I still haven't gotten that darn pet carrier...something else to add to my list of goodies to get from the pet store, which I need to get to... right now, if I have any chance of getting any work done this morning.

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, and Vanuatu: Day IIII will be coming shortly, I promise. Just need to find a spare hour or two...

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Kat said...

Wow you've got a lot on your plate right now. Hope things will be running more smoothly for you soon.

Good luck with the application for school.

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