Wednesday, February 11, 2009

3 Things.

I've been having trouble signing into Blogger. As a result, I've got the next two days of my Vanuatu diary awaiting publication, but first, I thought I'd do a bit of a news brief.

Firstly, and most excitingly, I got accepted into my Diploma of Professional Writing & Editing course. I managed to skip through the induction process due to having been pre-accepted into the course previously before I flew off to England to 'find myself'. Funnily enough, the course co-ordinator (whom I met at a poetry reading at an Irish pub and shared some Guiness with a few months back) had just returned from Vanuatu himself, so the enrollment process took slightly longer as we had a merry old natter about Cascade Waterfalls and the like (which y'all can read about on Day 3!) As a result, I start my first class - Journalism - in...well, in 3 hours. Yay!

Secondly, to the fires. I've had a so many emails, and a couple of comments asking how things are going - in general, they're awful. Horrific story upon even more devastating story emerge about girls my age dying trying to save their horses, children burning to death in cars trying to leave their homes - everyone you talk to knows someone who has died, and many people who have lost their homes. On a more personal note, many of Chef's workmates have lost homes, friends and family; his own brother is still out fighting the worst fire in Bunyip. I have several school friends who are currently working 14-20 hours a day fighting to contain the fires only 30 minutes away my hometown, as well as acquaintances who lived in the town that has been completely destroyed. I still haven't heard if they and their horses are alive. My mother is fine; and the smoke has cleared from around her house.

And although I don't know exactly how I feel about my him, spare a thought for my father. He has been deployed to the worst fire zone with his Army unit to drive tanks, bulldozers and heavy machinery to attempt containment lines, back-burn and to try and reopen roads and escape routes. He is also doing body retrieval; some soldiers are finding up to six bodies per day. I can't comprehend how horrific that must be, and I simply can't think of a more gruesome task.

Thirdly, on a brighter note (although still deeply upsetting). A certain someone with whom I recently flew to Vanuatu with is flying off again soon - minus me. Which is fine. Absolutely fine. Until I discovered when and where he was going. He was originally going to be away for my birthday, but fortunately he is (hopefully) able to make his trip the next day. This was the good news. The bad? He's off to the place in the world I most want to see, and would do anything to do so. The one city I've longed to see, for as long as I can recall. Home of my favorite person; Carrie Bradshaw, of Central Park where I've always wanted to walk, to the Chrysler Building I've always wanted to see the view from, Barneys and Bergdorf and Save Karyn and ice hockey and...

Yep, he's off to New York.

*sobs into the keyboard*


Melisa with one S said...

Wow! That's alot of updates!

Congratulations on getting into the writing program! That's awesome!!

I've been thinking about you every time we see coverage on the fires, and especially your mom since you were particularly worried about her area; I'm glad she's fine and will keep my fingers crossed for everybody else down there, including your dad.

And the New York thing? Gosh, I'm sorry about that. Someday you'll get there!!! :)

Sue said...

Glad that your mom is ok! Glad that you are ok! Hope your dad will be ok!

Sorry about the lack of a NYC trip for you, although, NYC in February is not that great! Very cold and gray. I recommend spring or fall!

Anonymous said...

You did skip over a few details or fail to mention that it is a work trip and that I am not holidaying without you!!
If I was going to NY for pleasure without you I would never live it down!

k a t i e said...

Need I remind you that you aren't exactly in NY for work for the time you're there, so technically it counts as YOU'RE GOING WITHOUT ME!


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