Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am, literally, too excited to type a subject.

I've blogged about them before.
I mentioned they were my all time favorite band.
That any time I hear a song of theirs, it will bring back countless of my favorite memories.
I've said that I listened to them non stop on my lone trip around England, and to me, they are the band that signifies my growing up.
This therefore means I know each, and every song, off by heart.
I have practically worn holes in both of their CD's - both of which are the only two discs I have actually bought in over three years.
They also have the pleasure of holding the title of singing My All Time Favorite Song.

(Which, funnily enough, doesn't work via Foxytunes. Grr. So I'll bang in some video's instead).

Thirsty Merc are touring Victoria. They are playing at two venues less than 10km from me.
I have goosebumps just thinking about it. As an indication of how deeply I love them: I've never been to a concert before. (Minus the high school get ups with semi-famous bands way back in the day). I'd never really wanted to. I kind of figured you had to either have dread-locks and not shave under your arms, or wear a lot of black, swear loudly and be excessively pierced.

The tickets are only $33.50. Thirty three dollars! I rushed online to buy them, clicked on '2' and then realized...

I have no one to go with. Since meeting Ben, who's just as big a fan as I am, and has, in fact taunted me with the fact he's met them before, I presumed I would share the experience with him.

That kind of died in the arse.

So, the question is - can I be strong enough to go it alone, and spend possibly the greatest night of my life listening to the greatest band in the world, or settle for less and drag along an unwilling third party with the potential to wreck my happy bubble with their incessant moaning and inability to have fun.

Decisions, decisions.

My song :)


Alex said...

could i be the one who potentionally screws up your night?

k a t i e said...

Er. No. I didn't think you liked them in the first place :P

Alex said...

I'm not mad 'bout em, but they've some good tracks.. plus it sounds like fun!

Ben said...

I love your skin, and i love all within... you make me wanna sin ;-)... my Katie Q, MYYY KATIE Q!!!!

Woulda gone if youd asked for sure.

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