Friday, July 4, 2008

brothers, kittens and sunny day smiles.

Last night, whilst enjoying the benefits of Late Night Shopping, Seah and I were going to print out some photos, and funnily enough, got completely and utterly side tracked trying on (mostly absolutely hideous) new outfits. I was having a gander at the CD she was going to print from this afternoon, and found some fabulous photos... and here they are. Enjoy!

Sahara perfecting her happiest squinty smile.

Phoenix being his usual anal retentively clean self.

Cleo telling me, quite plainly the first time I met her that she'll be my devoted life long slave, so long as I keep her in clean kitty litter and let her skin my toes as a wake-up call.

She really was that small! (and I really was that tanned!)

The extended family - Mac, Sahara (in all her understated elegance) and Bruza fight for attention, while Phoenix lurks in his dark and mysteriously broody way.

The boys, and a little of Sahara's nose - I never noticed Bruza's bum chin! (And yes, Phoenix's nose has nearly all healed up).
"My ears are bigger!"
"No...mine are!"
Bruza and Phoenix do their best Starving Dog impression.


Kat said...

The extended family picture is so funny and the photo of you and Cleo is just adorable.

Melisa said...

So cute!

Alex said...

the second half of photos are kinda creapy :D all the animals are looking stright at me !! ahh! hehe

me & them said...

That was the point - there was a whole heap of Little Boys used to get the essence of the photo :P

Prin said...

Love your doggies. :)

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