Monday, July 13, 2009


Although I feel like I haven't left the house in the past week, I've been unable to get a blog up and posted due to a certain slave master threatening me with all sorts of nasty things should I not be recuperating in bed. I had some sort of kidney infection, which turned out to be a 4cm cyst on my ovary going POP! and doing mean things to my innards. Thankfully, I'm feeling a whole lot better today, and would be able to meander on down to see Darcy were it not bucketing down with hail - so instead, I thought I'd do a little research online and post a bit of news.

On Saturday, I was feeling well enough to wrap myself in vast layers of clothing and go with Mum & C-Mac to see the Melbourne Victory soccer team play the visiting Fulham Football Club, which was fantastic. I haven't been a proper game for ages, and although I'm keen to watch Victory play more this season, I had to go for Fulham - who won 3-0. The highlight of the night was managing to elbow several children from my path to get Mark Schwarzer to sign my iPhone cover, along with a young guy from the Victory team, too.

Sunday morning, Cam and I set off for the South Melbourne market, and stuffed ourselves with breakfast before buying up fresh meat and vegies for the week. I often buy food for the rats whilst at markets, as it's easier to buy individual pieces of fruit etc than at the supermarket. The two Brussels sprouts and miniature parsnip didn't even rate on the scales, but the dogs got lucky with half a cow carcass between them for $2. Cam and I also managed to procure some adorable things for our new home.

Afterwards, we headed to the National Gallery, and wandered around giggling at the naked busts admiring the exhibits and acting like our mature, sophisticated selves. We found a lovely big print that would look fantastic over the new fireplace, but other than that, I can't say I was particularly impressed. We're seeing the Dali exhibition at a private function next month, which should be good. I studied him for my final work in high school, and although my delirious nightmares tend to take his surrealist shape and completely terrify me, I love his work.

I've been finalizing my design for my first tattoo - sort of. I've always had three ideas in mind - the letter B in script between my belly button and hip, Sahara's and Phoenix's paw prints up my mid back, or the outline I've planned on for several years and have been too much of a pussy to get; a pegasus flying out from between my shoulder blades. I can't upload the final design, but this is pretty much it (and yes, I realize this is the Tri-Star horse. Just imagine it as an outline, sans background. Pretty, no?)

Disclaimer: I don't like tattoos, particularly. I think they look somewhat horrible on girls, and I would never have one that could be seen unless I wanted it to. My guidelines for getting my pegasus were simply: it must never been seen on my wedding day. Then why mutilate yourself, you ask? For me, it's a sign of strength, bravery, courage and freedom. A reminder, if you will, of the things that I believe in and want to be capable of in myself. Faith? Sure, but in what?. Love? It comes and goes. Strength? If you're mentally and emotionally strong, you can get through anything. It's what's gotten me this far, and hopefully what keeps me going.


Melisa with one S said...

I'm glad you're feeling better!!!

Re: tattoo
My opinion, since you didn't ask? DON'T get a large one. You might regret having that when you're 50. Show your strength and all that other stuff you talked about in a nice little tattoo; of course, I've always read that once you start doing that, it gets addictive and you will want another and another, so...hmmm. But that's just my opinion! ;)

k a t i e said...

I can't imagine wanting to line up for more and more needles - one is going to be perfectly enough for me, once I build up the courage!

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