Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Motivation from strange places.

After trudging around the park in a pair of slippers and an enormous, oversized jacket of Cams last night, I came home to change into something a little more flattering. Eschewing jeans in favor of a skirt, as I thought I'd go the whole hog in a vague attempt at femininity, I plucked one of my all time favorite pieces of clothing from The Fancy Stuff Draw. (Yes, my draws are coded: Mostly, they're full of articles of clothing that should never be worn in public, such as those in the Comfy/Painting/Horse Riding draw. I also have a small space dedicated to particularly cute things, mostly still with tags attached, that I save for the day I'll go somewhere fancy enough to warrant wearing them. But I digress). As I pulled my black, high wasited 'I Can Wear This Dressed Up Or Dressed Down, And It Always Gives Me A Great Ass' dress over my hips, I realized I couldn't. Pull it over my hips, I mean. My mind started racing. Had I not dried properly as I stepped out the shower, and it was getting stuck on my wet legs? Had it mysteriously shrunk to a third it's normal size in the wash somehow? Or, as it began to dawn on me, was I simply not bloated from being sick and had, in fact, put on a vast amount of weight? Horried, I threw it back into the draw before I could begin dwelling on that possibility, and shoved on an olive satin number instead.

I've known for a while now - read: Since I first met Cam - I've been putting on weight. I put it down to all sorts of things - drinking more over Christmas, eating out, it being too hot to exercise. Recently, though, since I've had Darcy and since Sahara's been confined to indoors 24/7, I've become completely lazy. I get exhausted riding Darcy, and don't walk Phoenix much due to the dark nights and feeling guilty leaving Sahara. Mid winter makes me pig out on potatoes and hot chocolate, and enjoying time with Cam means we cook big breakfasts and even bigger dinners. Not too long ago, I was walking 6-10km a day, and eating nothing more than a bowl of cereal before a light dinner at around 11pm.

Something's got to change - and as of today, I plan on that happening. No more random attacks of junk food due to boredom. More running Phoenix around the park like thing posessed. Less eating double portions as an ode to how suprisingly good my cooking is. More 2 hour long work outs with Darcy.

Today, as I was about to sign in to Blogger and get on my way with my post, but thought I'd check out what had been happening overnight in the world of my blog-roll. I clicked on Pretty In The City's website, and something caught my eye - a sign that read "Having a Fat Day?"

And look where it took me.

And as much as that should scream 'be happy with yourself!', all it's done is make me throw even more of Mika on my iPod and chuck on my running shoes.

Side note: I don't have any scales at home to clarify my weight. I have to invent an excuse to visit the vet surgery and pretend to weigh Phoenix for worming tablets whilst I actually weigh myself.

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Kat said...

Somehow that sounds familiar. Very, very familiar :)

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