Friday, February 1, 2008

Shivering with excitement...and fever.

I've finally got a second to get online, as Chef & my dad are taking some of our junk for a drive to the tip. Yesterday I met my mum in the city, and after around half an hour, started feeling kind of crappy - sore throat, dizzy, racing heart. I ended up taking a train home, as although I desperately wasn't feeling up to it and wanted to take a taxi, I really couldn't afford it. Once I finally made it home, it really kicked in - nausea, unable to catch my breath, and shaking. Chef came home and realized how sick I was when I turned down glossy magazines and Belgian chocolate mousse. I managed to convince him I was fine for another 2 hours, before I collapsed on the floor and he rushed me to the emergency clinic. I flatly refused to go to the hospital (I don't do so well at the thought of needles) so luckily there was a doctor at the clinic until midnight. He read my temperature (39.8, whereas it usually sits at 36.6 due to a pre-existing condition) and gave me some antibiotics. I begged him to give me some sort of miracle drug, and basically ended up sobbing because we're moving house tomorrow, and there was no way I could be sick. I crawled into bed apologizing to Chef and hugging my hot water bottle, with three shirts, a jumper, hat, socks and fleecy pants, and 4 blankets. Man I was cold!

... and I woke up fine. Praise the Lord! Chef knew I was better when he woke to find me practically inhaling the Fererro Rocher's he'd left on the nightstand for me. I still have a rather sore throat and swollen glands, and am lethargic, but I'm so happy I can slob around the house realizing all the things I've forgotten to pack, instead of shivering in bed. It's all systems go for tomorrow (my 13 fish are moving house in the morning when we get the keys, and we're having a little puppy party with Sarah's dogs to get them used to their new yard, and having morning tea while we clean the house etc) and then Sunday is the BIG move. I am SO happy! I have waited SO long for this! The only downfall is our home phone and internet aren't able to be connected until the 12th, so I won't be updating the blog until then. I will be taking many photos in the meantime!


Melisa said...

My goodness! I'll miss you! Take care of yourself and feel better!

Good luck with the move!

Susie said...

Good luck moving!!! That's soo exciting :)

Glad you're feeling better...sounded kind of scary for a bit!

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