Saturday, February 2, 2008

keys, coughing and cheerio!

All I have to say is...ugh.

Chef and I are both sick, and in between wrapping a single plate or sticky taping a box, we go for a lay down and a whinge. It's not cool. We got the keys this morning, took the dogs for a sniff around, and settled the fish in. And then the landlord came over - he only looks about twelve, but he seemed really nice, and soon stopped looking terrified when I chastised him for not having curtains in the kitchen.

I'm still waiting for the big bang of leaving my 'home' for an entirely different one, and in such a different spot - it's a good 45 mins away from where I live now - and not knowing many people or the actual town. But so far all has been good. Probably the levels of cold-reducing drugs in my brain is making me all fuzzy. I'm stressing majorly over the fact everything isn't ready yet, and wanting to shove a fry pan up Chef's ass to get him into gear, but I'm hoping it's one of those situations where everything falls into place.

On that note, goodbye blogger land for a few days!

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