Thursday, March 25, 2010


I'm a bit down in the dumps today. It's the first day since surgery I haven't been completely thrilled with life, which I guess means a) I should be grateful for miracle worker hospital staff and b) realize that I'm tired, sore, and not able to do the things I would normally be doing on such a gorgeous, gorgeous day. It's one of those days that seem like early Spring, with the first promise of Summer on it's way, rather than a mid-Autumn morning. If I had a day off like today and wasn't stuck in bed moping, I'd throw the dogs in the car and head straight to the beach (what am I saying? I live 200 metres from the ocean...jeez, I'm lazy!) and then purchase some beautiful sea-blue paint from Bunnings and get started on the Pool Room to give Cam a surprise when he arrives home from Sydney tonight. Then I think a nice swim in the pool, or a long solitary dusk ride on the horses, and s few beers at the pub enjoying the sun as it sets.

Alas. Still, I got my stitches out last night, and I'm feeling a heap better soreness wise today, so it shant be long til I am back to my usual self, I suppose. I think, perhaps, I am a little down because it's my birthday on Monday, and I always get a bit funny about this time of year. I'm over-the-mood excited about swimming with the dolphins on Sunday, and my mum and nan coming up on Monday to spoilt me rotten (cupcakes were even mentioned...) but I guess the thought of having spent the past while in nothing but big baggy sweaters with unbrushed hair and no make up made me want to get all dolled up and feel pretty, just a little. We still haven't celebrated Cam's super-duper deal yet, either, and I was hoping I could do a little bit of the 'emerge from the chrysalis' thing one night. Oh well...

Just randomly... I attempted watching Margot at the Wedding the other night. I Absolutely, not. Weird.
I was also half watching The Wizard of Oz (Cam rented me a heap of 'classics' I had never seen, like Grease and The Sound of Music) when I came out of my anesthetic, and boy, did I love Glinda the Good Witch's dress! I should like to get married in it.

Anyway, enough moaning. Time to procure coffee and sit on the balcony and soak up some sun! (carefully avoiding getting more skin cancer, not looking forward to that op next Thursday...)


Sue said...

Katie, sorry about your surgery! Hope that it helps you feel better in the long run. Happy Birthday a few days late. How was swimming with dolphins? I have always wanted to do that!

Rebecca said...

I hope you feel better after the celebrations close!!

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