Sunday, August 26, 2007

Countdown to Summer

It felt like the first day of Summer yesterday, well and truly. I woke up and sniffed, and it was like smelling Christmas - people were out mowing the grass, there was hardly a breeze, and it was so nice I had my breakfast out on the deck. Chef was on Standby for work, and wasn't called in, and since it was such a nice day we decided to head down to St Kilda and take the dogs for a run. Obviously we spent around 7 hours trying to find me some new rollerblades, as the wheels had somehow inexplicably snapped off from the boot of my old ones, and apparently these days rollerblading is 'out of fashion'. Hmm. I eventually found a pair of 'ladies' skates, which have pink on them, and actually fit. Bonus! So we harnessed the dogs up, and off we went.

Now, I'd made three new resolutions in the last few days. Sadly I can only remember two of them. And the main one was I really need to start eating better, and exercising, because I am now at the point of being so depressingly large I cannot fit into anything I remotely like any more. There's only so much more I can buy from Ebay in a size 8-10, and I desperately need to know I can fit into my new purchases and actually be able to wear them out, minus love handles and pit flaps. So I've developed a somewhat fiendish obsession with all things getting fit, and as a result am shopping around for bike helmets, tennis rackets and so forth.

After exhausting the dogs (and ourselves) we sat on the waterfront and ate boysenberry ice cream { oops! } and watched all the people who had come out from the woodwork at the first glint of sunshine, and I spent a good long time daydreaming, mostly about Balenciaga handbags and a cute new dress I've found on ebay...

I slept like a very sleep person last night (my dogs never manage to sleep through the night without some sort of nightmare or reason to climb into bed with me) and woke up to the sound of Chef's handbrake - he'd already finished work! So he rearranged the bearings on his 'blades, whilst I cooked breakfast {fried eggs, grape juice and coffee - I choose to think the acidity in the juice will eat the badness from the egg...} and we sat on the deck and praised the Sun Lord again. My mother had called last night to discuss the horse flu epidemic (I'd been to the harness racing the night before, and had pulled a horse from work when I was trialling at my new job as Horse Welfare Officer for Riding for the Disabled on Thursday with flu like symptoms, so I'm watching carefully). Anyway, Mum called and told me there was a new doggy couture store opening this weekend on the other side of the city, so we took the dogs and tried on some cute little outfits (Sahara's shirt suited her down to the ground - "Puppy Princess") and bought a few things, and ended up doing a little photo shoot with the pups for the store. After we'd dragged Sahara away from all the attention (and after she'd jumped up and dug her claws into the owners Manly Parts) we roller-bladed around the Marybinong river, and stopped for some lemon and orange gelati... { 99% fat free! }

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