Monday, June 22, 2009

Update: In Pictures

Oh, internets. How I have missed you. Even though I've been back online, I've barely had time to Tweet, let alone do some proper updates. Whilst I've got a few minutes to kill before I need to get back to Darcy and his dentist appointment, I thought I'd shove up a few photos and show y'all what's been going on this past week or two.

After a big night Friday night in the city with Sarah, Cam & a whole lot of cocktails, Cam and I were a little bit tired to fully appreciate the box seats we had at the Australia vs Italy rugby union game. We did, however, enjoy being waited on hand and foot and served free drinks to our seats all night, and the view was absolutely amazing.

Cam is putting his house on the market, and we're both busy painting the inside - and outside - and putting in new garden beds in the front and back. We're both usually seen covered head to foot in Vivid White or Sand Diamond, if not mud, concrete and tan bark. It's going to auction in just over 6 weeks.

Phoenix has been particularly helpful in the painting department. His footprints in Vivid White are such an asset to the new paving out back.

Sahara had her 2nd last check up a fortnight ago, and has been given the all clear to have unlimited on-leash walks. She's going amazingly (touch wood) and is loving walking a little further each day. In the past week she's shown massive improvement, and I've got my old puppy back - she's got the fire back in her eyes, and appears to have the devil inside her.

Darcy.What can I say? I love him more every day. I also love going down on days like today - sun shining, frost on the grass and mist in the air and having big, warm pony cuddles. He's having a lot of trouble with stiffness and is having physio each week, which hopefully will help him feel better. For the amount it costs, you'd bloody well hope so.

Aside from that, things are going great.

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