Monday, April 27, 2009


I hate not being online. 

I've just called in to Chef's to pick up the last of my things and thought I'd momentarily take advantage of the internets here to provide y'all with an update. I'm sure, through the grapevine, I will be receiving a phone call regarding me using said internets, but I'll deal with that one later. Or leave $3 on the table to cover my costs. Either or.

Mostly, time's been flying by. I've been loving every moment Cam's been back from the US, and seem to have filled the days doing a host of things I can't seem to remember. Yesterday, I went to the footy for the second time - something I swore I'd never be remotely interested in has turned out to be hugely exciting, albeit freezing cold as we appeared to be sitting in some sort of wind tunnel directly linked to Siberian wind chill temperatures. 

Sahara came home from her third (yes, that's counted correctly - operation number 3) leg surgery, this time with a full reconstruction involving all sorts of metal plates screws and her leg being sawn in half and turned around to give support. She's already walking around like the little trooper she is. Hopefully, this one actually works. Bionic dog hasn't got so many chances left.

Sabataj - formerly known as Tiny Kitten/Chicago - is still mostly possessed by the devil, and is living up to her name nicely. She's starting to go outside, wearing a tiny collar with pink and green flashing lights, which she seems transfixed by. 

I'm mostly loving living by myself, but still haven't got myself settled in and sorted out. I feel like the instant I clean up after myself, there's several times more crap to clear back up again. I like to blame the dogs/cats/gorgeous man living with me, but mostly I think I own too many clothes, or perhaps just in relation to how little cupboard space I actually possess.

Anyway, my internet usage cost is going to be exceeding my shrapnel content as I've been banging on to Mum on the phone about a certain dinner party that occurred on the weekend. Hopefully, I can steal the modem I known is floating around in the back room somewhere, and get back online. I'm desperately looking forward to fiddling around with my blog once I set up the new one. And getting some comment love back, y'all. Wink wink.


Melisa with one S said...

Dumb question...what is the footy? I'm trying to use my logic and imagination skills but am coming up dry!

I'm glad you got to check in! miss you bunches! xoxo

Sue said...

HaHa, I have the same question as Melisa! What is a footy?
Glad that the move is going well!

k a t i e said...

Footy = football! Australia Rules - otherwise known as AFL :)

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